Get Connected


Track clubbed and ball data

If you want to get more out of your practice sessions, connect to the driving range and track: Club head path/speed/face angles, launch angles, ball speed/distances and more. You can also switch to the pitching/putting area and work on distance control with your wedges, putting distances and start lines, as well as manage spin on green side shots.


Track your progress

Once you create a profile in the software, you can track all the rounds and practice sessions you play. That means you can store your iron distances in your online locker so you can 1) know how far they’ll go outside on the course and 2) how your distances are improving over time. You can also develop an indoor golf handicap to play in our handicapped events.

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Skills tests and competitions

Sharpen your swing in head-to-head competitions and skills tests. This arcade-style of practice has multiple games modes with dramatic landscapes that will intensify and focus your golf game in a way hitting balls at a normal driving range could never do for you.

Start booking practice time by downloading the Wired Golf app