Facility Features


Clubhouse Lounge

Picture a Country Club but indoors and that is what you can expect in our Clubhouse Lounge. Chesterfield leather sofa, comfortable lounge seats, a writing desk so you can do work, or sit back and watch some entertainment on the 4K TV’s.


Members Only Area

Members have their own simulator in the back and is 16ft wide vs the standard 12ft. Next to that are members lockers where they can keep personal items safe and stored. There’s also a changing room where you can keep fresh after those long practice session.


Member Amenities

Enjoy fresh water and coffee outside the changing room. Inside the changing room you will find everything you need for pre and post round needs: Ibuprofen, eye drops, shavers and shaving cream, mouth wash, medical tape, yoga mats, foam rollers, towels and more.


Non-members can start booking tee times by downloading the free Wired Golf app